Tuesday, September 27, 2016

You Keep For Your Collection, I Know You Like It.

I'm a a HUGE fan of The Karate Kid franchise, well, the first three movies at least.  So, expect to see other Karate Kid customs on here is what I'm saying.

For this one I took inspiration from the 1986 Topps Baseball design as a tie-in to the year The Karate Kid II was released in theaters.  I figured this would not be a complex design to emulate, and by and large, it wasn't.  Except when it came to the font.  I couldn't find a font to match the original cards so I had to recreate the "Okinawa" from a number of different cards to get all of the letter.  As a little bonus I added the symbol that can be found on Chozen's Karate gi where the player position would normally be.

I sent a copy to Yugi Okumoto to be signed, as well as one for him to keep as is my custom - sort of a way of saying "thank you" for the autograph.  With my signed custom I also got a little note thanking me for his copy.   Needless to say that made my day.

Maybe trouble looking for you!?

For camparison sake

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