Friday, August 16, 2019


I get why there was never a Commando trading card set back in 1985 with trading cards, especially movie sets, being marketed to kids and Commando having a high kill count and all, but I knew eventually it was something I'd put something together.  The movie kicks ass and it's Arnold Schwarzenegger.  (I know, that last sentence was kind of redundant.)   

This set is done in a 1985 Topps football inspired template.  For the second set in a row my each card has it's own unique back featuring a quote from the character on front.  And, for the first time this set is numbered.  There's nine cards, perfect for a binder sheet.  The nine cards are character cards, and I plan to eventually do a series two with nine action cards.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Just One Of The Guys

Just One of the Guys is an incredible movie that I personally feel sometimes unfairly gets overlooked because it was made in the '80s when so many other great movies came out.  Heck, in just 1985 alone -- the year the movie was released -- you had movies come out like Back To The Future, First Blood Part II, Teen Wolf, Commando, The Goonies and the list goes on-and-on.  For me though, Just One of the Guys is right up there with that list.  I can watch it anytime.  It's a charming movie that unfortunately I'm not so sure could be made in today's over-sensitive culture.  Joyce Hyser's Terry was an androgynous rock star plus Sherilyn Fenn and William Zabka are a couple of all-time favorites of mine.

As it usually goes I was inspired to do this set after a recent re-watching.  Since this movie, in my opinion, is so slept on I wanted to do something special as far as a custom card set goes.  I tried to visualize how cards would look in all of the different 1985 sport card templates from all the major companies and nothing looked in my mind like a home run.  Then, like the loser I am, I watched the movie again a couple of days later and the answer was right there in the dialogue:

Terry: "I'm a girl.  I'm a woman."
Rick: "Right, and I'm Cyndi Lauper."
Eureka!  In 1985 Topps put out a Cyndi Lauper trading card set! Perfect! I knew the pink paint splatter design would be a great throwback look for this set.
1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper

The Cyndi Lauper cards were not captioned on the front, they all just said "Cyndi Lauper" in that squiggly nameplate thingy.  I thought to use that same design for a caption would be a real pain in the ass.  So, what I did was I threw a Just One of the Guys movie logo in the upper left corner.  When I looked at that it felt like it needed something else.  The logo doesn't really pop so I decided to add something to the lower right corner to kind of even the card out for the eye.  I first thought of some sort of head shot cameo and started looking for the right image.  That's where I came across the overseas VHS cover art and got an idea to edit the image to do the half-and-half Terry you see on the cards.  I really think that's my favorite part of these cards.

Since I didn't have a caption on the front I decided to do something that has been requested but not done with my cards to this point ... each card has a unique back.  I studied a lot up on the movie so I could have a unique quote and fun fact on the reverse of each card.  I personally love that kind of nerd fanboy stuff.  That cameo head shot idea I was going to use for the front got incorporated onto the back design.  I'm not sure how often I'm going to make unique backings for future cards but, like I said, I wanted  to do something a little special for this set.

This mini-set consists of a title card plus nine cards all with unique quotes and facts on the back... plus a bonus card, shaking out to eleven total cards.

I feel like I'd be neglectful if I didn't mention something about "the scene" in which Terry proves to Rick that she is indeed a she by revealing to him a couple of the most perfect breasts in cinematic history.  For a guy like me that is probably closest maturity-wise to the ever horny younger brother Buddy, that scene is everything.  As far as breasts scenes go I put it as 1b to Phoebe Cates' 1a in Fast Times, it's that spectacular.  In researching the movie it seems Joyce Hyser is a little uneasy about the whole thing all these years later especially when it's found on the internet out of context to the movie's plot.  I get that, and as respectfully as possible I would say to her she's got nothing to feel uneasy about.  I found it interesting when I read that she's said no one has ever asked her at a signing or convention to sign that particular scene.  I don't think I'd have the fortitude myself  to try and get that signed but I'd probably be picturing it in my head while she signed one of my PG-13 cards.  Sorry, Joyce.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Red Heat

I don't think there's an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that I don't like, especially from the '80s.  Red Heat is a cool buddy-cop type movie, but I would say, as far as Arny movies go, it would be like a tier-two movie, for me anyway.

I couldn't see myself doing a set from this movie but I did think a card of Arnold's "Ivan Danko" character in the style of the 1988 Topps baseball (matching the year the movie was released) was a worthy make.