Tuesday, February 14, 2023

On The YouTubes

Recently I was contacted by a gentleman named Myles who had an interest in my cards.  It's always flattering to get messages that are complimentary about the cards I've made.  It's comforting to know that there's a good number of junk era wax kids out there like myself pretending to be adults.

During our email exchange Myles floated the idea of me opening up some card packs for his YouTube channel.  I've been approached in the past about guest interviews and things like that.  Typically, I shy away from that type of thing.  I'm pretty introverted, so I enjoy the anonymity of my cards.  My cards allow me to contribute to the nostalgic/artistic community without really promoting myself.  It's about the love of trading card and pop culture nostalgia.  I don't feel an urge to put myself out there as 'the guy behind the cards'.  But, with all that being said, I did figure I could have fun opening a pack of cards without it feeling like a "look at me" type of thing.  

Myles actually sent me a few packs and I started to open them for a longer video but the problem with that is that I ran out of space on my phone.  You see, I horde stupid memes so I always have the right joke as a reply to a conversation and custom card screen capture inspiration.  So, I had to make a shorter video as opposed to actually cleaning up my camera roll -- please don't talk to me about cloud storage so I may stay blissfully ignorant.   

I was saving the Napoleon pack for last as it was the most intriguing to me.  I didn't even know these were a thing.  For a long time I've had an idea for a Napoleon Dynamite set.  That idea isn't totally scrapped because it would be a lot different presentation than these cards.  I love that movie.  I cannot tell you how many times I've seen it, but I'm confident I can annoy you by going line-by-line with the dialogue.  Plus, the Uncle Rico cards I made were really well received, so that's a very encouraging factor to still keep that idea around. 

As far as the video I think Myles did a great job.  I didn't think pack opening could be entertaining, but I have to admit I was eager to see which cards were next while remembering 11 year old me busting 1991 Topps.  I wouldn't mind doing something like that myself, but I have ZERO knowledge on video editing and, honestly, it overwhelms me to think about setting out to learn it because the last thing I need is a new obsession.

As an added bonus my 8 year old son now thinks I'm some sort pseudo celebrity because I'm on YouTube.  Kids these days place a lot of importance on that.  YouTube to him would've been like me at his age having an '86 Topps Bo Jackson rookie, so I get it.