Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Uncle Rico II



"Back in '82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile."

I've been wanting to do a second Uncle Rico card for a little while now.  My first Uncle Rico card is pretty special as it was the first card I did that sold out all 50 copies.  Napoleon Dynamite is such an offbeat cult favorite.  I personally love it.  Part of what makes that movie so unforgettable is Jon Gries' Uncle Rico character.  For me he did such a great job of playing this unique (30 something?) character that nearly peaked in high school, but he didn't even get that because the coach didn't put him in in the big game.  Rico is a could-have-been.   Even as a stuck in the past smarmy door-to-door hustler I wanted Rico to finally get his win, which thankfully the bonus footage leads you to believe he just might as he catches the eye of a attractive young lady.

Another motivating factor in making an additional Rico Dynamite card was knowing how appreciative Jon Gries is of his fans, so I'm sure there be some copies of this card that get signed.

I've kept my eye out for good ideas for a Rico card and recently an idea I loved hit me.  Starting in 1986 (I think) Topps had a 1,000 Yard Club insert set highlighting players who had amassed 1,000 yard either rushing or receiving.  Well, I wanted to spin that and make a "Quarter Mile Club" for which Rico was the charter and only member of via his claim to be able to be able to throw a football that far back in 1982.  For reference, the world record for a football throw is a little better than 54 yards, a quarter mile is 440 yards.

I chose the 1000 Yard template from 1986 just because it's the one I liked the best.  Rico was straight money and I wanted this card to reflect that. 

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