Tuesday, August 8, 2017

GPK's Tangerine

One of my great loves from childhood is Garbage Pail Kids cards.  There was a point in time where life was measured .25 at a time; going to the party store and geeking out when a new series hit the counter.  Even today, looking through old Garbage Pail Kids transports me back to spreading my cards out on my bedroom floor and admiring the artwork or trying to complete the puzzle on the card backs.

I've been wanting to somehow make a Garbage Pail inspired custom card.  But, nothing seemed to make sense with the design.  I mean, I like to think my cards a 50% vintage design and 50% pop culture. They blend equal parts.  GPK's on the other hand I just thought it always be Garbage Pail top heavy. Plus, GPK's are illustrations and I wasn't about to try and paint a picture, ya know?

Then, it hit me.  A GPK style card from the 1987 movie. Man, did I love the ... cards.

For the first in what is sure to be a series of cards I chose Katie Barberi's character, Tangerine.

I found a picture that works as a horizontal card.  I chose to mask some of the Garbage Pail logo with Tangerine's hair as opposed to dropping it in front of her.  I made the Garbage Pail logo like the one seen on the movie poster.  It's not a sticker but I thought it'd cool touch to add the famous "peel here" arrow and a faux sticker die cut.  I think it turned out gross, which is Garbage Pail for great.

UPDATE: Katie Barberi shared this on her official Instagram and Twitter

UPDATE #2:: TTM success!

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