Sunday, March 31, 2019

Anna Nicole Smith

I was thirteen when I first became aware of the voluptuous model Anna Nicole Smith.  I have to believe that’s a very influential age for a boy when it comes to shaping what he finds attractive in a female because Anna Nicole became, for me, the prototype of the ultimate female form.  My “type” since then has always been the ultra curvy amazon type.

There wasn’t the internet back then and at thirteen you can’t just go into the party store and buy a Playboy so I clearly recall scouring all of the different magazines we had in the house hoping to run across an Anna Nicole Guess? Jeans advertisement.  Even National Geographic got a page-by-page examination.  Guess? did a great job with  Anna and the sultry black-and-white ad campaign which had a sexy old Hollywood bombshell vibe to it.  As the years went by my preference for the “Anna Nicole Smith type” was cemented but my attraction to the actual person waned with all the bizarre happenings in her life from her marrying the geriatric billionaire to her weird reality show and ultimately her untimely and pretty sad death.  This card is a tribute to the best Anna, the one who’s look and natural charisma captivated so many like myself.

I thought one of the pictures from the Guess campaign would be perfect to retrofit into a 1991 Score baseball “Dream Team” inspired design.  1991 Score’s base set to me is real bland but no other set can touches that year’s subsets.  That years was loaded with a number of attractive and creative subsets.

“Dream Team” was a 13 card subset that featured baseball’s best in artistic black-and-white studio style photographs.  It’s pretty easy to see why I chose to match Anna’s photo to this set with one slight variation turning the word 'Team' into 'Girl' because for a period in time Anna Nicole Smith was most certainly my “dream girl”.  I’ve actually been wanting to make a card for her for a little while now but I wanted it to be something that was special and made sense from the design standpoint.  I think this card achieved both.

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