Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Crash Davis

Here's my custom "Crash" Davis.  As a explained in the Larry Hockett post when I decided to make cards from the movie Bull Durham I did not know Topps had already made these as an insert for their 2016 Topps Archives set.

All-in-all I have to say I prefer my card to theirs.  I like the photo I found.  To me it makes it look more like an actual baseball card.  And, as I stated in the other post, I like it saying Bulls rather than Bull Durham.  Again, because it makes it look more authentic.

2016 Topps Archives

I don't think Kevin Costner necessarily does a lot of signing through the mail, but I did have a temporary address for a play he was doing at the end of summer in Connecticut that came through for me.  I would say that this has to be one my biggest TTM successes to date.

C'mon Meat, Throw Me That Weak-Ass Shit!

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