Thursday, November 16, 2017

First Blood

I'm a Stallone guy.  I've always loved anything he's in.  I just think the guy is super charismatic and a greater actor than maybe he's given credit for.  My favorite Sly flick of them all is easily First Blood.

1982 Topps 
Last month First Blood turned 35 years old having been released in theaters in 1982.  I got it in my mind that since First Blood is a top-five movie for me and official card set doesn't exist I should make one.  (Topps did however put out a 66 card set three years later when First Blood Part II was released, a card I've parodied a few times.)

I chose to modify the "In Action" subset from the 1982 Topps football set for my First Blood cards.

When making a set of cards I'm really only limited by the number of quality images I can find off of line.  This set goes nine cards.  There's a few other scenes I would have loved to have cards of if images would have been available, but I feel like I got some of the more memorable parts of the movie on cardboard.


  1. So successful, this. Really looks like a Topps "test set." Awesome!

    1. Thanks!! It's definitely a mini-set I would show as an example to someone who was unfamiliar with the cards I make.

  2. Hallo
    Kennt ihr jemand der einen RAMBO 1 und 2 VIDEOTHEKEN AUFSTELLER hat und verkaufen würde ?
    Gruss Holger