Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ace Ventura

Here's a card based on Ace Ventura's undercover persona, "Larry" he used to get into the Shady Acres Mental Hospital in order to get information on Ray Finkle.  Larry could probably best be described as suffering from PTSD from years of football head trauma.

For the card I wanted something kind of generic looking football card.  It couldn't include a logo and  I didn't want not having a last name to be too distracting.  I went with a 1974 Topps football inspired design.  I've only used this template one other time for a commission of an NFL football player to supplement the commission seeker's 1974 set.  I also liked this design for this card because the uprights clearly let you know it's a football design.

During the Larry scenes Jim Carrey pantomimes a number of different positions but he's a linebacker on this card because of Larry being in the three-point-stance.

This card also makes a really fun compliment to my Ray Finkle card.

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