Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day

On April 25th, 1976 during the fourth inning of a game between the Dodgers and the Cubs two protesters jumped the left-field fence and ran onto the Dodger Stadium outfield.  Their intention was to burn the American flag right there in the outfield.  They got as far as dousing it with lighter fluid and striking two matches, the first blowing out in the wind.  The second was being stuck as Cubs’ center fielder Rick Monday, a former Marine Reserve, ran by and scooped up the flag.  Major League Baseball is a historic American institution and that series of events is one of the game’s most significant moments.

Rick Monday played 19 season in the majors.  He was a two-time all-star and member of the Dodgers 1981 World Series championship team.  Despite that, this one act is what he’s most remembered for but in interviews he’s done through the years he always says he’s totally fine with that.

This card of course is in the style of the 1976 Topps set.  This particular design in the Topps set was used as a part of their traded set.  I thought the newspaper headline motif would lend itself great to this card commemorating a very newsworthy event.

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