Thursday, October 3, 2019

Friday The 13th Part 2

I wanted to get this set done in time to have it out last month when the 13th fell on a Friday, but I just couldn't get it in under the wire.  So, I held onto it figuring an October release would be the next best thing.

The inspiration the do a custom card mini-set from this movie was really so I could do a card of Kirsten Baker's "Terry" character.  I know everyone loves Amy Steel's "Ginny" and she is a phenomenal female lead, but for me it's all about Terry.  I have no shame.  She was tanned, toned and pretty much perfect.  But, if I was going to make a Terry card I might as well go ahead and get the whole Camp Packanack gang back together.

Other than that though I really do like this chapter of the Friday The 13th franchise.  I like that Jason has a little different aesthetic wearing a burlap sack as opposed to the trademark hockey mask.  I also like it because it's one of the only movies where he's killing actual campers, which is part of the Jason Voorhees shtick.  Jason technically only does that in this movie and again in Part VI.

To coincide with the year the movie was released I went with a 1981 Donruss inspired design.  This is only the second time I've used this charmingly vintage looking template; the first time coming with my Freaks an Geeks set.  I outfitted all of the cards with a blue border as a tie-in to Jason's blue flannel shirt.

I've been experimenting more with card back designs in the last few sets I've made.  For this set each card got it's own numbered back, each with different movie fun fact.

I've included a special addition to this set.  There's 3 two-card puzzles, and when you combine those 6 cards they make another puzzle on the back side.

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