Wednesday, November 25, 2020


I've made a couple of Clue the movie cards characters cards just for my personal collection for autographs.  I thought a custom gaming card would make for a really unique trading card to have autographed, which I was successful with on 3 of the 4 I attempted.  I've now decided to just go ahead and make a custom card set out of them as Clue is a pretty beloved '80s movie with a great cast.

There's a number different card designs since the game was originally released back in 1949.  I chose to go with a design inspired by the look of cards released with the 1972 edition of the game because they are the ones I remember growing up.

The set is 13 cards.  A title card and 12 character cards.  The cards all have the same back to stay with the theme of being cards from a board game.


  1. Terrific set, Jesse, from the main six all the way down to the secondary characters. But what struck me is that two of the latter were played by Lee Ving and Bill Henderson . . . both of whom were featured performers in the underappreciated 1983 Allan Arkush cult classic "Get Crazy." Now, THERE'S a movie that deserves a Phantom Cardboard set, if for no other reason than to feature Malcolm McDowell as Reggie Wanker, the self-absorbed Jagger-esque rocker. Plus Lou Reed as a Dylan-esque recluse, Ving as a punk rock animal, Henderson as the king of the Blues, Ed Begley as an evil show promoter (with Fabian and Bobby Sherman as his henchmen), and Daniel Stern, Allan Garfield, Gale Edwards, Lori Eastside, Howard Kaylan, John Densmore, Anna Bjorn, Stacey Nelkin, Franklin Ajaye, Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel, Miles Chapin, Robert Picardo . . . if you haven't seen this movie, see it! It'd be right in your '80s wheelhouse . . .

  2. How much are you asking for the cards

  3. There's a link to purchase there in the post :)

  4. Hey, just saw this awesome set. Was wondering if you still made them, and how much a set would cost?