Wednesday, January 13, 2021

PCb. Collector's Binder

Growing up in the junk wax era it was imperative that once you amassed a decent card collection you needed a way to display and organize your cardboard treasures.  Sure, there's top loaders and screw-downs for the cards that would one day make you a millionaire,  but for for viewing your cards as a collection -and not to mention being able to take your cards on the go for those all important trading sessions with your friends- you needed a good sturdy binder!  

Well, now those of you that have amassed a decent collection of Phantom Cardboard trading cards there's a binder to view all those vintage inspired cards that never were!

This binder is modeled after those binders we all had.  What could be better for vintage inspired trading cards than a vintage inspired binder?  That kind of generic looking marbled design.  Mine were either brown or blue, but I also remember friends having dark red colored ones.  

The binder features a direct to vinyl printed design with padding throughout.  There's a Jackie Stalegum action pose on the front cover and the Jackie Stalegum logo and Phantom Cardboard text logo on the spine.  This is a 2" binder D-Ring binder, so plenty of space for 9-pocket card pages.

The binders will come with 10 9-pocket Ultra-Pro Platinum.  The Platinum pages are the best, heaviest gauge pages that Ultra-Pro offers.

Also included is an exclusive Casey Cardbinder trading card.  Casey joins Jackie Stalegum as the newest member of the Phantom lineup.

How will you organize your vintage inspired custom trading cards??


A little more about Casey Cardbinder...

I wanted to give Jackie Stalegum a teammate.  I once more teamed up with Matthew Skiff to bring this phantom to life.  I gave Matthew my concept and he executed it masterfully.

Anyone that grew up in the '80s-'90s will instantly recognize the super-human inspiration for Casey's bat breaking exploits... the great Bo Jackson!  I also wanted to give Casey a skeleton ghoul type of look.  Growing up I always thought skeletons were the epitome of badassery.  So, I supplied Matthew with a couple images and he, pun intended, knocked it out of the park.  Basically, take this and this and coif it in Team PCb. duds. 

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