Friday, September 17, 2021

Walker, Texas Ranger

I thought this would be a fun custom to do.  I mean, who doesn't love a good Chuck Norris meme or custom trading card?

Although I've landed on Walker, Texas Ranger while channel surfing, I'm pretty sure I've never actually watched an episode.  That's okay.  I feel I've watched enough Chuck Norris movies to say I've paid my fan dues.  Plus, I love the Karate Kommandos cartoon from the mid '80s -- even if it was only a 5 episode mini-series in order to sell the action figures.

This card is a play on the baseball Rangers team name in the very same spirit as the  André the Giant card I did, and the Schwarzenegger/DeVito Twins before that. 

In choosing an template to emulate I gave myself two prerequisites; one, it had to be an '80s Topps inspired design and it had to be a year that featured a team logo because I wanted to use a Texas Ranger badge as said logo.  That leaves ya with 1985 and 1987.  I mocked them both up and decided to go with '85.  The reason why might seem counterintuitive, but I felt like the '87 design looked too much like it could be an actual Walker, Texas Ranger  trading card and kind of lost, for me, the 'repurposed baseball card' feel.

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