Friday, August 19, 2022

New Dream Girl Cards Wave 1

I've been working on a card set that I want to call a "passion project" but at the same time I do not want to call it that because that just sounds overly dramatic.  I like to keep the whole thing fun and not take it too seriously.  These are trading cards and not my "work" or my "art".  The cards give me an opportunity to be creative in an otherwise mundane existence.   I appreciate the humor in them more then anything, coupled with an outlet that can quell my OCD-like need to perfect custom trading card nuance.

So, while I've been plugging away at this card set *tease* I've been adding onto the ongoing Dream Girls set I've cultivated over the last couple of years. I'll see images from time-to-time that I feel would make great additions to this highly subjective series.  But, I haven't stopped long enough to make physical renditions and post them here.

I figured I better put a few of these out there before it gets out of hand.  As it stands there's 17 new DG cards all told.  With that many I've decided to post them in three waves, with this being the first.

Each of the three waves will feature one Dream Girl that has two versions.  Basically it happened that threes time I couldn't choose between two images, so I just didn't.

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