Sunday, August 27, 2023

Hannah Scharf

This isn't a new card per se, but it's one I don't believe I've shown anywhere before.  I needed an excuse to update this site after a nearly 7 month hiatus. 

As for the card, I made this one in a, to date, failed attempt at an autograph.  Hannah Scharf is a Canadian collegiate gymnastics standout for the ASU Sun Devils   I've previously said it before, but the 1991-92 Skybox design is choice for autographs.  I collect autographs from the official basketball set.  The white negative space offers the perfect canvas for an autograph to really pop, and who doesn't love those futuristic -for the time at least- computer graphics?  I love making card using this design, but it does have to be among the most time consuming templates I work with.  This card also gave me a reason to use one of my absolute all-time favorite mascot sports logos; Sparky the Sun Devil.

As for me, lots of changes.  The biggest being a whole new career.  I took a chance on myself switching careers after 22 years in the same field, and thus far the move has paid off in many ways.  My old career offered me loads and loads of downtime while at work which allowed me lots of time to tinker with this custom card hobby of mine.  My new career doesn't offer that same flexibility.  

I've had a lot of fun adventures this summer with the family, so I really wasn't thinking too much about making cards.  But, summer is drawing to a close and the kids are going to school in the coming weeks.  It's got me thinking about trying to mix in a little more card time, because at the end of the day I really do love making my cards.  I'm currently setting up a little work space in my house to give me somewhere dedication to creating cards and I've got a few ideas for new cards I 'd like to make, plus ideas from others that I've gotten via email and DMs.  I don't yet know how much I'll be able to do, I just know it will be nothing in comparison to the volume that I was able to crank out for a number of years.  Like always, it's treated as a hobby, and I'm doing it as a fun creative outlet for myself.  

So there ya have it, I'm alive and doing fine and new cards are *hopefully* on their way. 

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