Saturday, April 6, 2024

Deadly Friend

Hi there.  Long time, no see.  I used to have a job that was let's say roughly about 90% downtime and it was just me there.  Now I work in a corporate office and the only time I get to exhale is on my lunch break.  It's not that my zest for making my cards has diminished, it's just that I have next to no time for it.  Well, lately I've put off other things to make time for it.  I've had the itch like a crackhead twitching for his fix.

So, for the first in what seems like decades, is a brand new PCb. card.  It's a one-off from the 1986 horror Deadly Friend starring a  17 year old Kristy Swanson.  I went in for a re-watch and it reminded me of a card I had an idea for long ago.  Deadly Friend is infamous for one scene in particular; the one in which Kristy's character explodes Mama Fratelli's head with a basketball.  If I knew how to make lenticular cards this would be the first one I'd make, but that's not my lane so I gave it the ol' split screen treatment.  

The template of course is the legendary 1986-87 Fleer basketball, famous for having the first mainstream Michael Jordan rookie (along with many other HOFers and legends).  This is a template that I wanted to use for quite some time, but it had to be a basketball related card because the design is so synonymous with basketball.

I had funny repurposing the "Fleer Premier" crown to something more Phantom Cardboard-centric.  I didn't go too crazy with the card back, just some basic cast info.

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