Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Canseco's Dome Run

Jose Canseco is one of the more notable names from an incredibly star-studded era in major league baseball.  Jose put up monster numbers on the field as well as was the center of a decent amount of controversy over the years off of the field.

One of Jose's most memorable moments was equal parts bizarre and inexplicable.   On May 26, 1993 in a game where the Texas Rangers were in Cleveland to take on the Indians.  Indians infielder Carlos Martinez hit a fly ball to the warning track in right field, which looked like it was going be a routine out for Canseco.  That's not exactly what happened though.  Somehow Canseco lost the ball and it ended up plunking him in the head and bouncing over the wall for a homerun.  It's one of the damndest things you'll ever see.

Typically my cards have a tinge of humor to them so making this moment into a custom card only made sense to me.  The only question was how was it to look?  I've been wanting to use the T206 tobacco card again ever since making the smoking Dave Parker card.  I thought it'd be fun to throw this card into that particular template.

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