Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Truly Humbling

I started making my own custom trading cards back in 2015 just for my own kicks.  I just thought it was a fun project for my free time and creative edification.  Once I found that I could create passable physical cards it began to snowball.  When I say that, I mean I got hooked on creating cards for myself that, as a lifelong trading card collector, I always wished had existed in one form or another.  I started posting them online for anyone who might wanna get nostalgic feel-goods from my nerd shit.  I never thought there would be any kind of following or that my cards would somehow be a brand for gen-Xers like myself who weren't so keen on being grown-ups 100% of the time.

Although I'm still making my cards primarily for me, I do GREATLY appreciate whenever anyone takes enough of a liking to them to want to collect these cards.  Sincere as one can be I'm truly honored whenever anyone gets excited about getting copies of these cards.  It's never once been lost on me or taken for granted.

There's a gentleman in New York, also a creative type, that owns a number of my little 2.5" x 3.5" pop-culture creations.  He and I did a virtual fist-bump many years ago to my Fast Times set.  I love Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it's one of the movies I cite as being tied for first place in my list of favorites.  And, I've made more than a couple Fast Times cards throughout the years.

I got a message from him that he was submitting my cards in his work's newsletter under a section about 'most prized possessions' .  Obviously I was floored and very touched by the gesture.  He forwarded me the screen shot and was okay with me sharing it here which is what I'm doing now as it means a lot to me to hear that something I do makes others happy.  Even though I really am uncomfortable with any extra attention, it's always great to get affirmation that you're putting some positive out to the world even if it is something as silly as vintage inspired custom trading cards.

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