Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Matthew Modine

Today I got quite the surprise on my Instagram account. Matthew Modine reposted my Dr. Martin Brenner Stranger Things TTM success from him.  Talk about floored!

As you can see he tagged my account and captioned it "let's make this happen".  I'm not sure what that means? I mean, as far as my cards go I would consider myself very small-time.  It's more of a hobby.  It takes me forever just to make a few, so as far as mass production goes I would need the support of an entity with the know how.  It's just me, my laptop, my printer, and a guillotine style paper cutter.  Not sure what would come out of this, if anything.  I was just more than thrilled with the shout out from one of my favorite actors.

As for the show, I loved Stranger Things.  I'm usually not really big into sci-fi, but being that the setting for the show was Midwest America in 1983, they got me ... hook, line, and sinker.  I thought it was awesome, and what a cast!  I cannot wait until Season 2 which is set to hit Netflix on Halloween.

That brings us to the card.  It's inspired by the 1983 (naturally) Topps baseball set.  Where the player position would normally be I made note of the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana and trimmed the card in the Stranger Things themed red and black border.

That card was actually one of two cards Mr. Modine signed for me.  I also did one for his character Louden Swain in the 1985 movie Vision Quest.  This one utilized the 1985 Topps baseball inspired design.  The colors are Thompson HS's school colors and I was able to recreate the Warriors logo from a screen grab of one of their wrestling singlets.


  1. I think Modine would like a full STRANGER THINGS set and I'm sure he's not alone, there. Beautiful work!

    1. Still a WIP. There's so many things I want to get to that it gets buried under the stack. But, it'll happen.