Monday, July 17, 2017

The Apollo Creed Of Football Players

In case you weren't aware, the man most famous for portraying Apollo Creed had an NFL football career, albeit brief.

1970 Topps football
Carl Weathers, a linebacker, played 7 games for the Oakland Raiders in 1970, and appeared in a single game for the club the following season.  He then spent a couple of seasons in the Canadian Football league with the BC Lions before giving up professional football to focus on an acting career.

I decided to make a 1970 Topps football inspired Carl Weathers for two main reasons; the first being that the late Bob Lemke already did a 1971 style card, and the second being that Carl played the games in 1970 as opposed to one in 1971.  I owe Mr. Lemke some credit as he colorized the black-and-white photo that I used for my card so I that's a task I didn't have to take on.

The fonts on this one didn't pose much of a problem, so much of my time was spent cleaning up little imperfections.

I not real confident about getting a TTM success from Mr. Weathers as I've got a few Rocky cards that have been pending for a long, long time.  Even if I don't get mine signed it was still a cool card to make.

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