Sunday, June 17, 2018

Eli Roth Is Legend

I'm always incredibly appreciative when any of the subjects of my custom cards take time out of their busy schedules to autograph and send back my cards through the mail. I'm completely blown away when they take the additional time to include a little note with the cards. Not only did actor/director/writer/producer Eli Roth sign my custom Donny Donowitz card but his note floored me.

As you can see from his note he's no stranger to vintage cardboard! Not only did he know the design I used but suggested a corresponding year design for another Donowitz card. What?! If you're familiar with my cards that's normally the goal but I went with the 1990 design for fun because I'm not all that familiar with designs that go back that far. Looks like I'v got some work to do...

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