Thursday, June 7, 2018


Here is yet another ode to my favorite year, 1988. Willow is a movie I’ve seen a bunch. My mom had a habit of getting stuck on movies. She’d watch the same movie for like a week straight and I remember Willow being one of them. It didn’t bother me. As a kid who was obsessed with Masters of the Universe growing up, a heroic fantasy movie was right up my alley. Val Kilmer is a favorite of mine and I remember my mom saying of Joanne Whalley “she’s SO pretty” a time or twelve. On top of that I, to this day, think the Brownies are pretty damn funny.

These are done in my old trusty 1988 Topps baseball inspired design. The color scheme is not from a team but one that I thought worked well drawing inspiration from the movie’s poster.
Burglekutt was kind of a pouch, wasn't he?
Fun Fact: Pat Roach, who played Gen. Kael, was also an English professional wrestler

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