Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Despite Barbarella's dated 1968 view of the future and the fact that I'm not particularly a sci-fi fan I can watch this movie from beginning to end no problem for one particular reason ... Jane Fonda.  When I first watched this movie I experienced that stop-me-in-my-tracks, "who is THAT!?" moment that I've only experienced only a few other times.  If you're wondering the others were Joy Harmon in Cool Hand Luke, Julie Newmar in the "Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville" episode of The Twilight Zone, and Vanessa Angel in Spies Like Us (remember this last one for a in the near future reference).

This card is done in a style inspired by the 1968 Topps football set.  I first considered Topps' 1968 baseball offering but decided it just didn't fit very well.
1968 Topps football

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