Wednesday, December 19, 2018


MacGyver is an eighties legend.  I miss that show, it was my dad's favorite.  He was a fixer upper
type of guy.  He had the whole collection of those Time Life "Fix-It-Yourself" books; which were basically the YouTube tutorials of the eighties.

I stumbled across the picture of Richard Dean Anderson in Blackhawks gear used in this card and that was all that was really needed to motivate me to make a MacGyver hockey card.

I chose a 1985 Topps hockey inspired design for a couple of key reasons; I've not used it before and 1985 was the year MacGyver's pilot episode debuted on ABC.

This set is probably most notable for being the set with Mario Lemiux's rookie card.  The design itself is pretty mehhh.  In thinking about it Topps' designs for hockey, baseball and football were all pretty simplistic in '85.

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