Saturday, December 1, 2018

Stevie Janowski

The number of newer shows I've watch in the last 10 years or so can probably be counted on one hand and still have some digits to spare.  Of those very select few, Eastbound and Down, is the easily the funniest.  I really dig Danny McBride's sense of humor.  He nails the man-child character, which Kenny Powers certainly is.  Danny and a sports theme is what got me on board and I was hooked from episode number one.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving the quote "we're gonna have a lot of fixins'?" by Kenny's right hand man, Stevie Janowski, popped in my head when thinking about the grub I'd be consuming.  I'm hesitant to call Stevie a sidekick because in most scenes he was just as funny as Kenny, just in his own naive lispy way.  The dialog throughout that show's entire run was genius for both Kenny and Stevie.

It got me thinking, I've done a couple of Kenny cards but none of Stevie.  That shit ain't right.  If I was going to make a Stevie card it would have to be a tribute to the sexy baked potato mall kiosk venture from Season 4.

This card is done in the style of the 1992 Topps baseball set.  I chose that one just because it's been a awhile since I've used it and I thought it would go pretty well with the picture.

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