Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Michelle Jenneke

I've been having fun with early 90's Upper Deck designs as of late.  When I posted the Allison Stokke card on Instagram it was suggested in the comments that I also take a swing at a Michelle Jenneke card.  Well, it was actually suggested a few time, because you see, you simply cannot look up Allison Stokke or Winifer Fernández without Google recommending that you also check out Michelle Jenneke.  World class athletes in three different sports, but they have the common thread of being internet viral level hot.

Australian Olympic hurdler Michelle Jenneke caught the world's attention with her pre-race warm-up dance.  While some may describe her warm-up routine as "sexy" I think it's, pardon the language, fucking adorable.  She's infectiously cute and bubbly.  Personally, seeing it puts me in a good mood.  It's the kittens and puppies of warm-up routines.

For Michelle's card I went with the 1990 Upper Deck baseball inspired design.  It's simple, clean and distinctly early 90's Upper Deck.  I tweaked the top border a bit to give it more of a track and field feel.
1990 Upper Deck baseball

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