Tuesday, April 23, 2019

1979 Stickball Champ

I thought about this particular card quite some time ago but held off due to a personal technicality.  I like to create cards of different pop culture type things that Topps or the other card brands didn't make cards for back-in-the-day.  Technically Topps did have a couple of cards of Sly playing stickball with the neighborhood kids in their 1979 Rocky II card set.

I really got an itch to make this card so I reasoned with myself that Topps' card is a movie scene card and mine would be specifically a stickball card, almost like Rocky was in a stickball league or something.  That was enough convincing for me and I figured there is room for both my card and card number #3 and #4 from Topps' Rocky II set.

Most of the design for this card is pretty self explanatory.  I used the 1979 Topps baseball inspired template and the colors that went with the Phillies' player's cards that year.  I replaced the baseball illustration with that of a stickball ball and retro'd the older Topps logo with PCb. mock up.

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