Monday, April 15, 2019

Yvonne Romain

I saw that Yvonne Romain signed through the mail so I wanted to make a card from The Curse of the
Werewolf to have signed.  I thought briefly about using a 1961 Topps baseball inspired design which is the year that movie was released.  That particular design is kind of plain and I wanted to try something a bit different, more like a modern autograph card. 

I had a design in mind from a Star Trek card I had happened upon, but I never saved the image.  I went back on eBay to try to find it but I just couldn't seem to find it again so I recreated the basic look from memory.  I'm not claiming to be a trading card Rain Man, but I was pretty pleased when I ironically found a card from the set again a couple of days after designing mine.  If you're curious it's a Star Trek 50th Anniversary card made by Rittenhouse Archives.

This next card is an image I found while looking for pictures for the Curse of the Werewolf card.  I wanted to also make a card from it.  I messed around with editing the image a bit until I got something that I thought looked pretty cool.

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