Thursday, July 18, 2019

Claudia Schiffer

While doing some mindless scrolling the likes of which most humans engage in now on a daily basis I happened upon this image of the German born goddess Claudia Schiffer used for this card.  I want to say it comes from a Guess? Jeans campaign. 

Claudia Schiffer, like Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley, is one of those names that put the "super" in super model.  Those women's names for any of us guys growing up in the '80s or '90s immediately conjure up the vision of feminine beauty that almost didn't even seen real, too perfect.  Like if you were to mention the name "Claudia Schiffer" it was probably in jest of her incomparable good looks, like "yea, but she's no Claudia Schiffer".

Seeing that this image is black and white it's makes are great addition to the other two Dream Girl card's I've made that are patterned after the 1991 Score baseball Dream Team subset. 

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