Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lzzy, Again

I freaking love Lzzy Hale.  She's such a bad ass and Halestorm's newest album, Vicious, rocked.  She and the band make me believe that rock 'n' roll music is very much alive and well.

I made this Lzzy card and have been wanting to make another, but I wanted it to be cool and not just make one for the sake of crushing on her. 

I've been wanting to use one of the designs from the 1978 Donruss Kiss set.  But, same line of thinking, I wanted it to be cool and no just throw any old thing into the template.  I was bumping around Instagram like I do when I should be doing something productive and came across the pic I used for this card.  I thought the picture sort of hard a vintage rock look and would go great in the design and I was not disappointed. 

Lzzy is right up there at the top of custom cards I'd love to get signed.  One day, fingers crossed. 

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