Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Princess Leia, Beach Slave

I've always loved the Princess Leia photo shoot Carrie Fisher did with Rolling Stone magazine at the beach in her slave bikini.  The photo shoot was part of an article the magazine did on 1983's Return of the Jedi.

As Jabba the Hutt's slave in that gold bikini Princess Leia was the first crush of an entire generation.  Of course she's looking sexy but I also like the playful frolicky nature of the photos.  There's this one particular photo (above) that is my favorite of the shoot and it's probably pretty easy to see why, so I wanted to use it for a card.  The question was what design?  I thought about making it look like a Bench Warmers set from the '90s but I didn't think the design would be quite recognizable enough.  So, I made it into last minute supplement to the 1983 Topps ROTJ sticker insert set.

This is a faux sticker.  I actually did have some die-cut stickers made up of this one but I wasn't 100% pleased with the die-cut so I'm keeping it faux.

Fun Fact: According to Wikipedia Carrie's princess breasts had to be taped into place so they didn't escape the bikini top.

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