Wednesday, February 27, 2019


When you think of great hockey movies the first couple that come to mind are probably Slap Shot and Miracle.  Those are excellent choices, but there's another movie that needs to be mentioned in the same breath... 1986's Youngblood.  It's a true eighties cult classic with a solid young cast.  Just the kind of movie I love making cards for.

These four cards have a design inspired by the 1986 Topps hockey set.  I used the Red Wing color pallete for the Mustangs and the Penguins colors for the Carl Racki Bombers card both based on the look being close to the respective team uniforms to that of the Wings and Pens. 

Even though Keanu Reeves didn't have much screen time in the movie --not even enough to warrant a first name I guess-- I still chose to make him a card because, well, it's Keanu.  It's a pretty early role for him but even back then he was making his classic Keanu faces.  I read Keanue, a Canadian, was actually a pretty decent goalie in real life.