Friday, May 29, 2020

Well, That's Redundant.

The idea behind Phantom Cardboard is the creation of cards that are modeled after vintage trading cards that didn't actually exist.  Well, when doing some scrolling recently on eBay I happen to come across the card pictured above.  Not only was an Ahmad Rashad card made for the preseason game in 1990 that he suited up for the Sixers, but it was made by the exact same card set I was looking to emulate -- the 1990-91 Skybox set.

It wasn't part of their regular set, it was a part of special broadcasters set Skybox put together.  I searched out and found that there's a total of four cards to this set.  Along with Ahmad there is Julie Moran, Bob Costas and Pat Riley (although I could only find images for Rashad and Moran).

Whoopsie.  Oh well. 


  1. I honestly don't think the Bob Costas and Pat Riley cards exist. Perhaps they were gifted to the actual people at one point and either all lost or thrown away and none of them made their way into the world at large.

    1. Believe it or not the Costas and Riley cards do exist. I purchased a collection from a former Skybox employee and I'm looking at the cards in a binder right now as I'm trying to find a value for these. They're not in great shape but they'll be heading to PSA shortly. Email me at if you want to see a pic

    2. I emailed you but never heard anything back. I would love to see pics of the Costas and Riley cards if you have them. You can ping me on twitter @Drew_2308.