Monday, June 22, 2020

Deathstalker II

Okay, so this is definitely going to be one of the more obscure mini-sets I've made, but it's oh so fun.

I was certainly what I would call a "He-Man kid".  I wasn't into Transformers or anything overly sci-fi.  I really dug the heroic fantasy elements of Masters of the Universe.  I was wanting an excuse to use a Topps 1984 Masters of the Universe inspired theme for some cards as a tribute to my no. 1 favorite thing as a child.  But, if you're familiar with that card set the border doesn't exactly scream heroic fantasy ... although the sticker inserts did!

The movie I decided to plug into the design was Deathstalker II (1987).  Yes, a B-movie... sequel.  If you've never seen this movie it's a lot of fun.  The writing is great because it didn't try to be Conan.  There's a light heartedness to the movie that's generally not part of the genre.  Lot's of corny one-liners, a good story and some really decent action scenes.  Plus, it gave Monique Gabrielle a chance to show off something besides her body.  I mean, she does that too thankfully, but she's also really funny in this movie.  John Terlesky is great in it too.  If you like movies that aren't huge budget Hollywood blockbusters, and that don't take themselves too seriously I highly recommend Deathstalker II.

There's 9 cards in this mini-set.  They have a '84 MOTU inspired scroll frame on the front a custom back utilizing Boris Vallejo's poster art for the movie.  All 9 cards have unique movie info on the backside.

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